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Ascetic, Dancer, Dance Dojo “UZUSEN" founder

Yoshinori Kikuzawa explored spirit and body through energy (Ki), body flow, and discipline of capoeira, boxing,kickboxing. and get inspiration from various martial arts. Through dancing and physical expression, he spins various techniques such as street dance and Butoh by embracing his inspiration and memories.

In 2017, he established a dance Dojo “UZUSEN” as a healing place to train spirit and body. He created “UZU" method by which the body flow arises by twisting the core of the body and body parts in circumferential movements while relaxing all muscles; this method includes as well nature mountain training.

In his past projects, he combined calligraphy (Shodo) and dance, and in 2013 performed "SHODO DANCE” to visualize music and emotions in a spatial installation.
In 2014, he traveled and shot videos in nature and cities around the world in collaboration with musicians, videographers and various artists, and started TRAVEL DANCE PROJECT to spread these works.
In 2017, he was selected to collaborate to a project called “Rap Rap” which consists of contemporary dance and music by a Ainu female vocal group MAREWREW who works with “Upopo” the traditional Ainu singing. They performed at the Sapporo International Art Festival in 2017, and in Russia the following year.

In 2019, he performed “SHODO DANCE” for NIKE Air Max 720 promotion video.


Yoshinori Kikuzawa

  行者、舞道家、舞道場 渦仙UZUSEN代表


カポエイラ、武術、格闘技の持つ、流れ•気•修行法で精神と肉体を探る。ストリートダンスや舞踏などの様々なテクニック、インスピレーション、記憶を身体表現で紡いでいく。2017年自然山岳鍛錬を取り入れ、心身を磨き、心を癒す場として舞道場 渦仙UZUSENを創立。脱力した状態で身体の芯、各部位をねじり、円周運動を利用して身体の流れを構築するメソッド、UZUを創案

主なprojectでは、2013年幼少期に習得した書道と舞を融合させ、 楽曲と感情の視覚化、空間インスターレーションを目的としたSHODO DANCE



2017年には札幌国際芸術祭にてアイヌ伝統歌「ウポポ」の再生と伝承をテーマに活動する女性ボーカルグループMAREWREWとコンテンポラリーダンスのコラボレーション作品”Rap Rap”に選出され、翌年2018同作品がスピンオフとして、ロシアにて上演される。

2019年NIKE Air Max 720のプロモーションビデオにShodo danceで出演。

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